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I’ve Burned My Books on Love and Playing it Dumb…

My thirst for good music is forever un-quenched.  What can I say… I’m a music whore.  I’m 30% sure my music snobbery has ruined relationships.  That being said, I thought I’d throw up a review every once in a while.  This week is the new record from Lightspeed Champion.  Lightspeed Champion is Devonte Hynes, a silly looking Brit (born in Houston but moved to the UK at 2years old) who cut his teeth on the music scene with the dance punk outfit Test Icicles… a TOTALLY different enterprise than what he’s undertaking now.  Where Test Icicles screamed and thrashed on electric guitars, Lightspeed swoons and brings orchestral arrangements to the mix.  His first album “Falling Under the Lavender Bridge” was a Saddle Creek release, produced by the same cat who does many Bright Eyes albums.  The new one just out, “Life is Sweet, Nice to Meet You”, was produced by Ben Allen, the genius behind the production of Animal Collective’s amazing “Merriweather Post Pavilion” (if you haven’t picked that one up do yourself a favor and get it now).

On his newest album, Hynes gives us more of the same indie rock we got from the first record but in more parts.  He’s separated the record (LP due out in March) into four parts that almost play like a concept album.  Themes of lost love and frustration are prevalent, but sit along side of instrumental breaks and even one Piano etude that in this writers opinion is one of the most creative aspects of the album.  It falls in right after my favorite track, Sweetheart, a piano filled romp that makes you wish you hadn’t quit those piano lessons in the 6th grade.  The record’s 2nd track “Marlene” shows off Hynes ability to still shred on the guitar but also throws in some triangle for good measure.  Fact is, you never know what you’re going to get with a Lightspeed album… they play like Cold War Kids records in that they use any and every possible musical instrument at their disposal.  It’s not at all unlikely to hear foot stomping, violins and washboards in the same song and for what it’s worth, he makes it work.  Make no mistake, it’s pretty music… it doesn’t blow you away at first but upon further listens, the intricacies, arrangements, and Hynes’s lyrics make for a very enjoyable listen.

Standout Tracks:


Faculty of Fears

I Don’t Want to Wake up Alone

Etude Op.3 ‘Goodnight Michalek’

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