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Portland OR 2009

She wasn’t much to look at. A husky woman who at the time I met her, was hooked into a rather bulky EEG in a play room with her kids, her salt and pepper hair greased back over her head and ears. Let’s call her Kitty…

Kitty was from San Antonio TX and had spent her entire life there in the comfort of her home with her husband and children. As I proceeded with the tour, my guide told me that in 2001 Kitty’s sister died in a car accident in South Dakota. A teenager lost control of his SUV in a winter snowstorm and careened his car head first into hers, killing Kitty’s sister instantly. Upon attending the funeral, the first time Kitty and her family had ever left the great state of Texas, Kitty noticed something strange. She had no sensation of cold. Not even a tingle.

Winter in SD was, and always had been, quite blistering… but she felt nothing. Days rolled by, funeral arrangements were made, and Kitty found herself wearing coats, despite great discomfort, in order to not look strange or draw unnecessary added attention to herself. She called the doctor as soon as she came back to TX. 9 months later, she found herself here.

Kitty was the only person I had the pleasure of personally meeting, but I was told of several. A 10 year old girl that can see in the pitch black of dark, a Malaysian man who’s skin was magnetic, a bevy of people who’s bodies conduct currents of electricity from one hand to light a light bulb in the other.

These changes in human behavior have been noted throughout history. They haven’t happened overnight. In 1887 in Youngstown OH, John D. Reese was about 30 years old. That year he discovered he had an unusual ability to heal people simply by touching them. His neighbor fell off a roof and suffered a pretty severe spinal injury that miraculously healed when John touched him. Reese parlayed his skills to the major leagues where he healed Hans Wagner, a shortstop for the Pittsburgh Pirates, who had been carried from the field with a back injury. He spent his days quietly healing people all over the country, from athletes to politicians.

Roy Sullivan was a Park Ranger who lived in Virginia. He’s in the Guinness Book for being struck by lightning over 7 times between the early 40s to the late 70s. Some reports falsely claim 8 times but rumors of his coffin being struck by lightning while he was being laid to rest have proven to be un-true. The lightning strikes, coupled with his increasing love for the drink let poor Roy to take his own life in the early 80s but two of his lightning struck Ranger hats are in Guinness world record halls.

Vladimir Durov was an animal trainer. As a veteran performer in a Russian circus, he claimed to communicate with his canine coworkers through telepathy. Professor W. Bechterev, head of the institute for the Investigation of the Brain in St. Petersburg, decided to test Durov’s claim. Bechterev created a list of tasks that he wanted one of Durov’s dogs to perform in a specific order, without any time for training. After hearing or reading the list of tasks, Durov went to his fox terrier, Pikki, took his head in his hands and stared straight into the little dog’s eyes – psychicly transferring his thoughts directly into Pikki’s brain. Durov released the dog and it immediately went about performing the assigned tasks. Thinking that perhaps Durov was giving the dog subtle clues with his eyes, the test was repeated with a new set of tasks, but this time with Durov blindfolded. Pikki still responded to his psychic commands.

Our bodies are, for lack of a better description, amazing electrical machines, capable of fascinating things. Every day your brain tells your body to wake up, move your arms, walk to the store, speak to a friend, eat and drink. We do these things without thinking. We move our fingers freely and type on our keyboards without blinking an eye or making any conscious effort to do so. Electrical impulses from our brains, which make up 2% of our total body weight but remarkably account for almost a quarter of our total body energy consumption, enable our physical forms to do the things they do. So it isn’t too far fetched to believe that our brains are capable of so much more.

There’s tons of news like this available online.   So no… you can’t lie to me Randy… it just can’t happen.

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