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The Taman Shud Case.

The most bizarre unsolved Australian case you’ve never heard of.  In 1948 an unidentified man was found dead under a lamppost in Somerton Beach in Australia.  He had no ID, all the labels of his clothes were meticulously removed, his fingerprints were in NO global databases.  To make matters even more strange, the autopsy report of his death was consistent with poisoning except they found no trace of poison in his system.  Just a spleen that was three times normal size.

Pretty strange right… THERE’S MORE!

During the autopsy, police detectives found a secret pocket in the man’s pants with a scrap of paper in it that read, “Taman Shud” roughly translated meaning “Finished”.   The text was traced back to a very rare book of poetry printed in New Zealand and while the cops were looking for a copy a man reported finding one in the back seat of his car the day  after this guys murder.  Sure enough the piece of paper was cut out from the back of the book and they found this code scribbled inside.

Amateur code breakers have tried for years to break this code to no avail.  So who is this guy?  Was he a spy?  How’d he die?  Where’d he come from?  I resort to my old standby when it comes to crap like this… he was from the future.  No other explanation.  He came back in time to buy seersucker suits and died of an as yet unknown time traveling disease that fills your spleen with Dr.Pepper before killing you if you lie down under a lamppost… case closed.

Here’s the link to the wiki page about this amazing case…http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Taman_Shud_Case

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