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Mob Hits in the Valley?

I’ve lived in Los Angeles for just a shade under a decade now.  Time flies.  I remember my very first night here by myself.  I was staying in a hotel on Hollywood Blvd near Little Armenia and had just plopped myself down onto the bed to start looking for apartments when I turned on the TV.  I was greeted with my first LA Police chase, covered on all four major networks and immediately called my dad to tell him to put on the West Coast feed on his TV and watch it with me.  3 minutes later, the chase passed right by my hotel and I thought that it was the most awesome thing I had ever seen.  This was my new home and quite a far cry from the doldrums of Eastern Kentucky.  Crime was now, right in front of my face and I was already desensitized to it.  My hometown was no stranger to it either.  We had a pretty famous case of an FBI agent in Pikeville who killed his mistress (who was pregnant at the time) and dumped her body that made national news and spawned a ridiculous true crime novel by Aphrodite Something-or-other and there was that time that a friend of mine watched as a jilted husband blew holes through his estranged wife and her boyfriend with a shotgun in Betsy Layne.  Even in Cincinnati we had our share of gang violence but it was always far enough away not to worry me too much.

Days pass on to months and months give way to years and I’ve been watching the random acts of violence you see nightly on the evening news since then.  But it wasn’t until last Saturday that this city’s violent reputation literally hit home.  At approximately 4pm on Saturday afternoon, a man waltzed into the Mediterranean restaurant The Hot Spot on Riverside in Valley Village and opened fire on a bunch of Armenian men eating after a funeral of a friend.  The shooting looks gang or mafia related according to police.  I walked past this place two weeks ago after dropping my car off.  It’s literally a half-mile away from my house.  What’s more disconcerting is the fact that all the guys killed are under 31 years old.  The gunman, (or gunmen, as the LAPD don’t quite know how many shooters there were yet) seemed to stroll into the place, open fire, and walk out… in broad daylight.

LAPD seems to think this is an organized hit and that residents of Valley Village are in no immediate danger… and who am I to argue with the police.  They did such a terrific job solving the whole OJ debacle. Now, I’ve seen some pretty terrible stuff in my life, but I’ve never been so close to a mob hit.  It’s pretty spooky when it happens right in your own neighborhood.  To make matters worse, another Armenian dude (heck maybe it was the same one, who the hell knows) pulled a gun and shot a belligerent homeless drunk guy on Magnolia and Vineland last night… also right down the street from my house… begging the question, is the Armenian Mob on the move in the Valley and if so, how long do you think it will take me to move to Santa Monica or Studio City?

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  1. April 8, 2010 at 2:31 am

    Well looks like you were the one that needed to name your blog stray bullets not me! Your a great writer and you keep getting better!

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