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So anyone who follows this site knows that yesterday was the day I was trying to get more information on the old man case.  Unfortunately, my partner at work had already requested the day off work and i couldn’t call in sick.  Bummer.  I sat here all day wondering whether or not this old jackass was going to show up and my OCD started acting up and I almost went to the cemetery at my lunch break but was simply unable to get away.  Which means i have to wait an entire year before I find anything out.  This sucks.  I DID go after work though.  I left work around 7 and ran over to my buddy’s birthday party for a drink and immediately shot over to the graveyard.  I had some work orders to write, which I took care of.  (BTW, can anyone tell me why a Cemetery would have free Wi-Fi?  Cause this one did apparently).  What purpose could this possibly serve?  I don’t see any corpses on twitter, with the exception of Joan Rivers I suppose… but I digress.  I sat there for an hour and a half and since I stayed in my car I got hassled by the night guard so I took off.  Next year old man… you are mine.  I have no other ideas at this point…

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