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Sorry Gas Co…

Not for the previous post… that was sincere.  I still think they’re out to get me.  I AM however apologizing for the un-necessary visit I prompted this evening.

Ever since they came out to re-light my pilots after their imaginary switching of the meters, I’ve had a strange smell in my kitchen.  Smelled like gas to me and my buddy corroborated this fact last night when we were watching The Pacific.  So I called them after work and told them I smelled gas in my kitchen, which sends them running like the Pamplona bulls.   Seriously, the phone and cable companies can learn a thing or two from these cats.

So the guy comes out (in an authentic LA Gas Co. truck I’d like to point out…) and comes into my kitchen to see if there’s a leak.  He’s got all these tools and kneepads on and is midway through pulling out his flashlight when he stops.  “That aint Gas… that’s pollen” he says to me.  To which I retort, “…reeealy”.

Turns out, I have had my window open for the past week and there’s this tree outside that is lousy with pollen, stinking up the front porch something awful.  So, sorry Gas Co.  This one’s my bad.  You should be very proud of your employees noses though.  Regular bloodhounds that lot.

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