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The Great LA Burger Hunt… Day 1

Everyone has an opinion on what they believe to be the best burger in Los Angeles.  It’s a polarizing issue.  Whether you’re a fan of the In-N-Out or your local mom and pop shop, everyone has their one place that’s infallible.  In an effort to make up my own mind, a few friends of mine and I are attempting to hit an LA burger staple per week until we decide once and for all what’s the best burger spot is in the city of angels.  Last Saturday we hit the Father’s Office for stop one.  These are the results.

Fathers Office opened their doors in their Santa Monica location in 1953 in a small little hole in the wall on Montana.  We opted to go for the newer location in Culver City on Helms that has much more room to spread out.

The first thing you should know about this place is it’s first and foremost a bar.  You have to be 21 to enter.  Their beer selection is quite ample.  They had beers from countries I’ve never heard of and every one I’ve tried was awesome. Some of them can be quite expensive so be sure to ask the bar man what it costs, as the prices are nowhere on the extensive menu.  But this review isn’t about the beer. You have to order everything through the bar.  No table service at all at Father’s Office, which I can only assume, works like gangbusters for the hard working and knowledgeable bar tenders.  They know exactly what beer to give you based on your tastes.  Seats are plentiful here unlike most LA eateries and there’s usually no trouble finding a spot outside on their many picnic tables.

The burger here comes as is, meaning no substitutions what so ever.  It comes with two kinds of cheese (gruyere-blue cheese blend), bacon, caramelized onions, and arugula.  If you ask for Ketchup (or Katchup, if you’re a twat) you’ll get noses turned up at you.  If you ask them to hold the arugula, you’ll get laughed at.  The burger here comes as is and you have to eat it that way.  But it’s not a problem at all… this burger is fantastic.  I prefer to try burgers the way they were intended for us to try them, and later on if necessary, adjust my order to my taste.  You wont have to change a thing here.   The caramelized onions and bacon add just a bit of sweet to the already insanely tasty meat that’s cooked perfectly both times I’ve visited.  The fries are good as well.  They’re lightly tossed in garlic and come with a side of garlic aioli for dipping that is delicious.  Immediately I was tempted to call off the hunt, as this burger, as of press time, is the best burger I’ve had in LA… or anywhere else (except maybe Zips in Cincinnati but this is an LA burger hunt).  It’s a little bit pricy (my bill came to just under $30, but I got drunk and have no idea how much the burger cost) but it was worth it.

Bonus Points:

Location on Helms is next to a giant furniture warehouse so if you get too drunk to drive you can take a nap on a bed in the back corner and run a good chance of people leaving you alone for a while.

Beers are plentiful and bartenders offer beers that compliment your tastes or what you’re eating.

Parking is ample.

Negative Points:

No substitutions may turn people off.

This place gets busy and even with the bigger location, you may have to wait for a table but it’s worth it.

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