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I’ve invented a brand new extreme sport!  I’m still working on the name… perhaps Kite Car-ing or Car Kite-ing or something less gay…

It’s basically like kite boarding but with a car.  In kite boarding you attach a kite to a surfboard and use the wind to lift you high above the waves and theoretically bring you down to a soft landing all the while propelling you along using the wind.

In MY new sport, you attach a kite or small hang glider to YOURSELF and tether it to a car, thus flying behind it like the Batman on the freeway.  A prototype shouldn’t be too difficult to manufacture (and my manufacture I mean piece together in my garage with booger adhesive and strips of nylon).  The hard part is finding willing test subjects for our inaugural run.  So, if any of you folks know any bums or relatives you’re willing to get rid of, let me know… as  the process will most likely end up in quite a few broken bones and maybe a death or two.  Small price to pay for being a pioneer… think it over…

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