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The Great LA Burger Hunt Day 3

Day three took us to the Studio City location of The Counter.  This place has had my friends in a tizzy for a month now about how awesome it is to create your own burger, practically from scratch, customizing it right down to the bun.  I’m game!  So we went on Saturday as part of our Best Burger in LA hunt.  Here are the results.

I’ve heard there are a couple of locations, but the one we went to was in Studio City on Ventura.  Incidentally, this particular location is next door to a brand spanking new BevMo… drool.  But I digress.

As you can see below there are literally dozens of customizable choices for your burgers here including what kind of sauce you’d prefer.  They also had monthly seasonal items for every category such as a whole grain bun or Avocado Puree for a sauce, which is a nice touch for people who frequent this place.

The menu is cool.  You can choose from 5 or 6 pre made staples or create one of your own from scratch, which is what I opted to do.  Mai had the Counter Burger or Counter Special or whatever the fuck they call their specialty… she liked it.  But how would the created burgers fare?  I opted for a third pound burger on a regular bun, with a whole slew of hot shit on it.  I went with the Jalapeno Pepperjack cheese, grilled onions, bacon, Jalapeno peppers, mixed greens and the spicy sour cream for my sauce with a fried dill pickle chips starter and a half and half of fries and onion straws.

The fried pickle chips were dynamite!  The best I’ve ever had… a statement based on nothing as the only other time I’ve had deep fried dill pickle slices was at Hooters and it’s physically impossible to not enjoy any food item in that place what with all the “scenery” milling about.

Our burgers came out pretty quickly.  All sauces you order come on the side and if you aren’t happy with the one you picked you can swap em out with no problem from the kind and courteous wait staff.   It was good!  The burger was cooked perfectly but be warned if you like a good medium rare burger, this place’s medium rare is teetering on rare.  All your ingredients are loaded on the bottom bun that may cause some discombobulating of the bun due to moisture but I was so damned hungry it didn’t come to that.  About half way through the burger I realized that if I had piled on the exact same ingredients as Father’s Office puts on theirs, it still wouldn’t have been as good.  All in all I put this place above the Apple Pan but still well below the burger experience you get at Father’s Office.

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