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Time Travel Will Exist.

Here’s the deal… I’ve been not so secretly working on a time machine for the last 7 years.  I mean, who hasn’t?!  I’ve nearly perfected what will go down in history as the McFly Algorithm and it’s only a matter of time before I’m off to watch Lincoln get shot and try to stop this whole Kardashian mess before it even gets started.  And although I’ve been close for a while, I was getting distressed.  Until I got my proof from Jordan.  It’s right here.

Little Skipper...

Apparently in a few years, I’ll grow so tired of righting History’s wrongs and boning Gretta Garbo that I’ll start going back in time to wreak havoc on my friends.  To be fair to Jordan, if it weren’t for my eventual, er… past interference, he maybe wouldn’t have his insatiable love for Berry Milk (I’m inventing it and taking it back to him) or would have no idea how good Pauly D from the Jersey Shore’s R&B album is going to be.  I’ll have to remember to not take the pictures from him so he can give them to me last week… this is exciting.  Wait till you see what I have up my sleeve for my brother!

PS: Never mind why I had the van… I assure you it’s important.

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